Saturday, January 8, 2011

Garage Sales and New Haircut!

What did you do today? Well I scored some vintage stuff at garage sales and got my hair colored and a new cut. I'd say it was a good day :)

At one estate sale, I walked into a bedroom and the bed was covered with vintage purses that were only $2 each. I squealed a little on the inside! I took home 7 of the best ones. I'm hoping to start selling vintage items and clothes once I get a good collection going. Here's a few of the purses. I might keep one for myself!

I've never had bangs, so this is new for me. Not sure if I like them yet. My natural hair color is brown, but the tips were really light from the last time I colored it. I normally cut my own hair, but this time I went to a stylist. 

My husband hasn't seen my new look yet. He's out fishing for lobster. I hope he likes my hair!


  1. I love the purses. And The hair is awesomeness!!!

  2. I went to some garage sales today, too! :) I only found some home decor stuff, didn't find any clothes or accessories. Love the new hair!

  3. I've never been to an estate sale... posts like this make me REALLY want to go to one! haha

    Your bangs look cute!!


  4. Your bangs are super sweet! What an awesome find..I bet you felt like you found the motherload when you saw all those purses! Awesomesauce, girl! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog ( & leaving ur comment! I must say I'm likin what I see on ur blog!! I especially like your garage sale & thrift store finds. If u didn't browse thru my blog I also like to thrift...I don't get to yard sale in winter in MI tho'! :)

  6. The estate sale sounds awesome! I went to one once that had great kitchen finds, but never one with fun fashion finds! How fun!

  7. I love the first bag, what a great find!! The bangs are adorable, as well!! so cute <3


  8. Great finds!!! ... and I think you're really brave for cutting your own hair. <3

  9. Rachel- thanks for the comment. I have cut my bangs before, but this time I went to a stylist. Although she messed up, so I had to fix them myself at home :)


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