Monday, January 24, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

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My Finds
I've been going to more estate sales than garage sales. That's where I find the most vintage things. It can be sad going through someone's house that you know just passed away, especially if their family is there. You get to walk through their house, go through their closets, and take their things. I like to think that I'm giving their things a good home.

Here are some lovely things I brought home on Saturday.

 Wooden fish dishes and vintage scarf

See that 1984 book by George Orwell? First Edition for 50 cents!

In Doggy News

On Friday, Lia had surgury to remove one of her back toes. She had a bone infection from a previous injury (we adopted her from the shelter). She has to wear the cone for 10 days, even at night. Tomorrow we take her in for a check up to see how the foot is healing. Poor baby.


  1. Awww Sweet puppy. I hope she heals fast. And you always score such fantastic stuff. Nicely done.

  2. Oh my, I have been looking for a vintage carry on bag in that exact color!!! Love your finds! Poor puppy, I hope she gets better quick!

  3. Wow you scored some great stuff! I love that orange bag! Poor doggie-hope she's doing well :)

  4. aww poor sweet puppy - and well done you for rescuing her - we have lots of cats and most are rescued too. i love that orange bag - so beautiful and well done on the first edition.

  5. Awesome finds! I love estate sales, seriously you really can find better stuff at them. I hope you doggie feels better soon, and heals quickly!

  6. Poor little puppy! :-(

    And yes, I agree estate sales are sad... Mostly because the family is there...watching.... It's a little surreal...
    Love the orange bag btw.. Nice find!
    Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog..Really really appreciate it!


  7. great finds!

    poor baby! That is just awful. Hope she heals fast!

  8. Fantastic scores! :) I send big hugs and speedy recovery wishes to your puppy! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  9. Love the wooden fish dishes. I would love to find a few of them. Hope your fur-kid recovers quickly!

  10. Oh i really hope that Lia is doing okay? Poor baby *sends cuddles* Xxx


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