Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I didn't make any resolutions (because I never keep them), so I decided to make some goals I can work on. 

#1 All this month I've been going to thrift stores and estate sales to find vintage pieces for a future Etsy shop. I still have a lot to learn, but it's great getting exposed to it all. To tell you how much I enjoy it, I'll just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleeping in, but I'm willing to wake up at 7am on a Saturday to get to the estate sales. If you know me, that's saying something!

#2 is important to me because I feel like I've lost connection to all my good friends. I've never been one to have a lot of friends, just a few really good ones. It seems we are all at the age where life just gets in the way of friendships. I want to do some fun theme parties. Check out this awesome Victorian theme party at Jeanette the Jongleur.

#3 Time to get healthy!

#4 I love creating something new from something old. I've done a couple DIY projects, but I want to do more! Then I can share it with all you wonderful people :)

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  1. I love all of your goals! I have so many that are similar.

    p.s. I'm the same! I need more dresses. I own like four and hardly wear them. I've always prefered skirts though.

    how funny that you have the same curling iron! Do you like it? Mine hasn't been hot enough to work on my hair. I had to use my chi straightner to make those curls in my hair.

  2. Some great goals!
    #2-HEY! That's me! Haha! Cool!
    #3-You know, I've realized that I shall always be unhappy with some part of my body...but at this point..all I want is to be healthy...I do not want to inherit my family's medical history...if it can be prevented now... And that's awesome that you are determined to be healthier!
    Have a happy day!

  3. I like this post! I plan to open my store this year too...but mine will be handmade goods...your store is gonna rock, I can't wait till you open yours! :) I have a very positive body image, crazy right...I'm a full figure gal, but I like to be healthy. I have found that when I exercise, I don't have to fret because weight doesn't just go flying off of me. I do feel better though, more energized and just stronger when I stay active. I support you in all your goals! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. I love the cute little goal list you made. AND that you call them goals and not resolutions! I share all of your goals, except number 1. I already have a shop :) If you need any tips feel free to ask! I can't wait to see what wonderful things you put in your etsy! I haven't hung out with my friends in ages. LIke twice in the last year, no joke. I have a problem with depression and eating badly too! WE are going to change that right NOW! hehe. Have a great day sweetie.

  5. Great list :) I can somewhat relate to your goal number two-I'm basically a hermit and love to spend time by myself, but I long to have friends that I can hang out with-my sister is my best friend and I'm happy with the time we get to spend together :) And good luck with number three-hang in there you can do it! I'm struggling with this one too!

  6. ooo!! etsy shop!!! thats exciting!!

  7. Awesome goals! I have been working on a few of those same goals myself. I also have some really fun ideas for themed get-togethers (hint Hint) LOL
    Hope we can get-together soon; a few times before our b-day month at least.


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