Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Wish For This

I've been looking at camera purses that have padding for DSLR cameras. I hate how I have to carry my purse as well as the ugly black camera bag I use now. And because I don't always carry my camera with me, there have been times when I forgot it when I really needed it!

I've also considered changing this vintage luggage bag I bought into a camera bag.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can put padding in this bag to protect my camera? Thanks!

Now I'm off to class for 4 hours. I hope I can stay awake! Those of you who read my weekly schedule know how busy I am. It's started to catch up with me because today I'm so tired! Only one more day till the weekend yay!


  1. Hey Breanna! I'm right there with you! I TOTALLY need a new bag too. My camera came with a bag and it is way too small.. I wish it was prettier too, but I can't get over the size. It's quite pitiful! I like your picks! You could probably get the padding from your old camera bag out and somehow secure it into your vintage bag... I think I may just make my own too... DIY time!!!! Just need to buy some padding...

  2. Ps. You said you lived in So Cal too? Right? What county? What if we are neighbors!?

  3. Breeanna here is a post I found that might help.

  4. Ohhh...hang in there Breeanna...I know how getting tired and making it through schoolin' feels like :). can always make friends with a blogger (that'd be me), then you email me the dimensions of a bag you've picked out. Then you email those dimensions to me, and I use quilting padding, flannel, and fleece fabric that I have lying around, and make you some padding that you can fit into your purse. Just a thought...lemme know...I'd be glad to do it! Hearts, Janna lynn

  5. I was just going to buy a vintage carry on bag and use it for my camera bag, but I could never find one that I liked (the one you have is amazing) I was just going to use the padding from my old camera bag I bought when I bought the camera! I guess you could get pieces of foam and make a slip cover for them?

  6. I reckon just use quilting batting, cover it with a pretty fabric and glue it in so it stays =)

  7. Oo, I love that Jill-E one, so cute! <3

  8. Wow! This is a coincidence - I am going to rig up a bag very similar to the luggage in your bottom image over the next couple of weeks!

    I found a few tutorials around the blogosphere, in case you're still looking:


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