Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Send Something Good

I'm taking part in a great and fun blog package swap called Send Something Good. Everyone taking part was assigned to one blogger that they secretly get to know and send a package of fun stuff after learning about them. I'm so excited to start shopping for my blogger, and even more excited to get my package! The blogger who has me sent me a postcard as a pre-package surprise. Very sweet!

This last week has been a whirlwind! I attended the very last two days of graduate school which meant finishing up all the projects I had procrastinated on. Today I turned in my super thick portfolio that took me 3 days to complete and at the same time had my exit interview for the graduate program.

That is the reason for this face....super happy....but also looks a little scary like I thought of an evil plan haha!

 After all this hard work, I rewarded myself with a delicious iced carmel macchiato (my new Starbucks favorite)

Now I still have 4 more weeks of internship before I can apply for my credential, but I can't believe how close I am to being finished!

Mr. Brilliant said we should go out to dinner to celebrate, but it's 7pm and he's out on our deck talking with two friends who came over. Hmm...maybe he forgot. Good thing that drink filled me up!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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  1. Oh my gosh! For real? You are almost done?? How amazing! Congratulations! You should definitely go celebrate! Send Mr. Brilliant a text message!

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. And I'm superrrr bummed about missing out on this round of package pals... I really wanted to participate but I hadn't been keeping up on blogs and missed Gentri's post.. Boo! Maybe next time!

  2. Hooray, you're almost finished!! I'm sure you're so relieved. Definitely deserving of a celebratory caramel macchiato :)

  3. Well done!!! You earnt that macchiato :D


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