Friday, February 3, 2012

Freebie Friday

Hooray for Friday! Here's a freebie print I made. You know how I love quotes. The actual print is much larger. Click on the images and then save to your computer. Please link to me if you share. 

And I'll tell you a secret. *Whispers* I got Photoshop CS5 for Christmas! 

I've been messing around with it and trying to learn the millions of editing and creation options. It seems like there's endless possibilities. I also downloaded a lot of brushes, like the floral one in the print above. I got that here. There are so many free brushes and templates out there, but now I need to learn how to make them myself!

Did you know if you're a student or teacher you can get Photoshop at more than half the cost? That's how I got mine! Go here to learn more. 

I'm excited for this giveaway! You could win a beautiful lace necklace of your choice over at Wedding Window. And check out the shop that is giving them away, Tree and Kimball. Ends 2/7.

Enter to win a $50 gift certificate to Simply Nesting over at the Chic & Cheap Nursery blog.
Hurry because giveaway ends February 7th!

This last giveaway ends on 2/6, so you only have a few days to enter! You could win a pair of stud earrings over at For Love of a Cupcake from the Etsy store Isaac & Rebekah


  1. That printable is amazing! I've heard about the photoshop deal, but I haven't checked it out. MIght be worth it though!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. What a beautiful print! :D

    And exciting giveaways, yay to free treasure!! xxxx

  3. Yay! Thanku thanku! Xxx


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