Monday, January 30, 2012

Melody Monday

Taking Melody Monday to the next level of awesomeness with the band Bon Iver. I've heard a few of there songs before, including on the Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. It wasn't until yesterday that I looked them up and really listened to their music. I just have to say, I'm in love! 

The name Bon Iver is derived from the French phrase bon hiver, meaning "good winter" or "have a good winter". 
The story of how they got their name taken from this interview.

"When I was living up north I wrote a letter. I'd come across a story about this Alaskan town that the people, the first snow of every year, they come out of their houses and gather in town square. They hug and kiss each other and they say "Bon Iver." I was like, "whatever that is, that's cool!" So I would write it down. I signed off my letter as that to my friend Kelly from the Rosebuds. I wrote them a letter on my typewrite saying: "Thanks for letting me work on your record. Thanks for letting me crash at your house. Thanks for being friends." I signed off "Bon Iver.""


  1. Oh wow, I had no idea where they got their name! I always assumed it was someone's name! Thanks for Bon Iver love!

    PS I added a GFC link to my blog. I assumed everyone could just hit the "Follow" button but I guess that's only for Google Members :)

    Happy Monday!

  2. Aw, I love to see a bit of love for Bon Iver, their music reminds me of my wedding :D Thank you for a beautiful blog! xxxx


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