Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Big Exam!

I have a big exam coming up on Saturday. It's the exam I have to take to get my school psychology credential. I studied a little yesterday and all day today. Literally all day, with a few breaks here and there. My coffee table is covered with all my textbooks from the past two years of grad school. All the stuff I'm suppose to remember and be tested on. I have 20 pages of notes typed up so far and I'm not even halfway done covering all the possible topics. I told Mr. Brilliant that I should have started studying three months ago! Well it's too late for that. I'm able to retake the test in a few months if I fail, so that takes off some pressure, but I don't want to fail!

Now for some cute doggy pictures of Evie (the big dog) and my friend's dog that came for a visit. They loved each other!


  1. Good luck with the studying! In about 2 years, I will also be studying up for my psychology board exam... so for both our sakes, I hope it isn't too difficult!

    The pups are so cute!


  2. These dogs are so cute! Good luck on the exam!

  3. YUCK to studying! But it's one of life's necessary evils! Good luck on your big exam, but in the meantime what cute babies for causing distractions to studying! ;)

  4. man they sure did seem to get along! good luck studying for your exam! you can do it!

  5. Good luck with your exam! I remember the countless hours I used to study! I have no idea how I managed to study that much! Just try your best and you'll be fine :)

    Love your puppy!


  6. Good luck with the exam!!!


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