Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mr. Brilliant's Debut! Happy Anniversary!

In celebration of our 2 year wedding anniversary, it is my honor to introduce you to Mr. Brilliant! I haven't really shared much about our story, so I decided it was time to let you guys know more about my life. To begin the story we must rewind the tape back to the 1980s. That is when we first met, as very young kids at church. 
(can you believe my hair and dress! eeep!)

We knew each other growing up at church and all through high school (even sharing a locker together one year). Then came senior year and prom. I'll be honest, I was a quiet, shy nerd in high school and was not asked to prom by anyone. One day at church I decided to ask him if he wanted to go to prom with me just as friends (little did I know he was going to ask me out on prom night). When he did ask me out in the limo that night, I said no because I considered him a friend and did not have feelings for him. 

High school graduation came in 2001 and we both went our separate ways. He joined the Marines, and I  went to college. Fast forward 5 years...one day I'm at the grocery store and see his mom. We exchange numbers and then Mr. Brilliant gives me a call. The rest is history!
(we both believe that if I had said yes to him that night at prom, that we probably would not be together now). 

Our first date was in October of 2006. A fun night at the shooting range and eating fondue. 

 A few weeks after our first date, he deployed to Iraq for 6 months...I told him I would wait for him.

(after surfing this rocket, he dismantled it. He was a bomb technician, you know, like in the movie Hurt Locker)

When he returned, he was stationed in Yuma, Arizona, so I would drive the 2 1/2 hours from San Diego  to visit him on some weekends. We did a lot of fishing, which is one of his passions (now he had to fall in love with me!)

It turned out that this tough Marine was a really sweet, great, lovable guy. He's also an amazing cook, who can literally bring home the dinner!

Now comes the romantic stuff...after the clock struck midnight to bring in 2009, the new year, he proposed to me under the stars. I said yes, and he put his grandmother's ring on my finger. 8 months later we were married!

(they were using the sling shot to throw water balloons at the farm animals!)

It was a beautiful day, with country music, bails of hay, and dancing, but it went so fast! 

We tried to DIY most of the wedding to save money:
Wedding Dress: FREE (it was my mom's)
Wedding Cake: FREE (my grandma makes cakes!)
Photographer: FREE (friend of the family)
Location: FREE
Flower bouquets and decorations: bought wholesale and made myself

The things we spent money on was the catering and the DJ (who turned into our wedding coordinator). 

2 years later, still married, still learning, and still in love. I'm learning that love is not just a feeling, it's a decision, and that marriage is something you must work on everyday. It's not an easy commitment: there are good days and bad days. Sometimes the bad days make the good days even better and bring us closer. 

If you missed it yesterday, I did a photography guest post over at Janette the Jongleur fabulous blogland. Go check it out and show her some love!

Silver frame source: Amy Morby


  1. Breeanna! You guys have such a sweet love story! Steven and I were together once before we got married, broke up and got back together. It almost ruined us, so I totally understand where you are coming from!
    I love that you guys like to fish together and had a wedding cake topper to match! Such a beautiful wedding! I LOVE your dress!
    So glad you shared it with us! Happy 2 years to both of you!

  2. What an amazingggg story! It's so cool to hear it and to finally meet Mr. B! You guys are such a cute couple! And your wedding was sooo gorgeous!!!! The dress, flowers, photos..EVERYTHING!!! Incredible!
    Congrats on 2 years! Here's to at least 70 more!

  3. Happy 2 year anniversary! I loved reading the story on how you both met! I think its amazing that you both grew up knowing each other and then found each other again after a 5 year seperation.

    I hope your anniversary is wonderful! :)

  4. Yay, happy anniversary! That is such a sweet story, that you knew each other since childhood! It was meant to be for your paths to cross again. He sounds so brave and amazing, and I'm so happy for you!

  5. Happy anniversary! I hope you both have a wonderful day. Your story is so sweet :)

  6. You two are so romantic! Happy anniversary!

  7. Oh my goodness, this post is filled with such cuteness! I love that you met back in the 1980s...and so sweet that you waited for him while he was in Iraq. I'm so happy for you! :)

  8. Awww I enjoyed reading this post! I love the pictures! Happy 2 year anniversary =) thelittlepetite.blogspot.com

  9. Happy Anniversary! I love all your pictures xo

  10. awh wow. happy happy anniversary and i wish you two all the happiness and love in many more years to come! <3 this is such an amazing and romantic story that you both share! it's something special about knowing the person you marry since you were a child. (: +thank you so much for your comment and follow, dear love! xxx

  11. congratulations on two happy years together and what a beautiful location for a lovely wedding.

  12. oh my youre too cute :)
    happy anniversary !

    btw i really love your blog :)
    would you check out mine?
    id really appreciate your feedback x

    Juls xx

  13. Hello, thanks for your comment! you are too kind :)

    I LOVE your wedding! I am all for comfy shoes on your wedding day, and your cake topper is hilarious! Thank you for sharing your lovely romantic story with us. I do love a good love story :) Happy anniversary!

  14. awe love stories like this make me all kinds of happy! your wedding was incredible Breeanna, i love your dress and your wedding party girls are gorgeous in their's too!!!

    happy anniversary wishes! i adore when manly men like yours also have that sensitive side, it's the true marking of a real deal kinda fella. many blessings!

    um, and that photo frame diy you did was uhhhh-mazing! congrats on such a swell accomplishment, the puppehs are hilarious and i bet were good company along the way. i saw your post on Janette's space, it was the bomb! and i did see your banner up on Cat's spot too, isn't she just the dearest heart ever?! yesiree. ♥

  15. congrats on your 2 year anniversary!! and wow you are a brave girl to go to the shooting range for your first date, we went out for coffee and we have been going out for coffee ever since!

  16. awww this is so CUTE! You've known each other since childhood! adorable!


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