Monday, August 1, 2011

Melody Monday: The Civil Wars

First of all....I'm doing a fun photography guest post over at Janette the Jongleur fabulous blogland today! Thanks Janette for inviting me over!  So after you listen to some tunes, you can go head over there (or even listen to today's tunes while looking at her blog, got to love technology!)

I dedicate this week's melodies to my husband. Happy Anniversary my love. (Special anniversary post tomorrow!) The Civil Wars are amazing because they are the type of band that you need to listen to the lyrics to really appreciate the music. These songs were chosen because I see the story of our marriage in them, the good and the bad. It's truth, love, and life all wrapped up. Enjoy!

I love what John Paul White said about their song, Poison and Wine
"What would you say to someone if you were actually brutally honest—the things that you could never say because it would turn them away or let the cat out of the bag or reveal yourself to be weaker? What would you actually say if you had this invisible curtain around you and could just scream it in somebody's face and they'd actually never hear it? We were all being very painfully honest, because we're all very comfortable around each other and know that things like that never leave the room, except in a song. I'm pretty proud of that song, to be honest." (source)

Music is a way for us to express ourselves when we don't have the right words. 

In Other News
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  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your man!! :) I'll def be checking out the blogs you sponsored.

    <3 Belly B

  2. ah, the civil wars....i can never get enough. i hope to see them in concert one day! happy anniversary to you and your husband! hope it's wonderful!

  3. Happy "almost" ani to you guys!!! :)

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  4. Poison & Wine is such a wonderfully sad song. Definitely one of my favs.

    How many years did you say?

    Janette, the Jongleur


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