Monday, August 22, 2011

Melody Monday

On Friday night I went to a show at The House of Blues called "Local Brews Local Grooves." My friend Gayle Skidmore was playing and she got me free tickets (awesome!). Today's melodies are from some of the local San Diego bands that played. 

This is my beautiful friend Gayle Skidmore. I've known her since preschool and she is an amazing musical artist. She has one album and several EPs out and puts a lot of work into getting her music out there. It seems like she's on tour all the time. I'm so happy for her and her success!

Here's one of Gayle's new songs.

Here are some of the other bands I saw. There was 14 total, but some bands didn't have any music on YouTube.

Deblois Milledge

Bosen Arrows


Paul Cannon

And then I got distracted while I was on YouTube and found this super cute video that made me laugh. Now I want a fox.


  1. thanks for all the videos and this aw post!


  2. I want a fox too! And also a trampoline! ;) That show looks awesome. Hooray for supporting local musicians!

  3. haha, that fox on the trampoline was sooo cute!

    I starred this post so I can listen to your friend's music later. (I'm at work right now)

    Love the outfit you put together :)

  4. Nice captures! I wish I was musically talented! And yay for free tickets!

    Janette, the Jongleur


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