Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo Drop

Here's some photos I've taken in the last few weeks on my iPhone. I used the Instagram app to alter them.

I'm really enjoying my horse riding class every Saturday morning. I just started the level 2 course which goes for 4 more weeks. Riding a horse is harder than I thought. The next day after riding, my legs are always sore from using muscles I'm not use to using. 

My second to last week at work I was asked to go with the 8th graders to Knott's Berry Farm. I thought, sure why not. Then I found out I would get paid for the whole 12 hours..AND...I didn't have to stay with the kids at the park. So me and another tutor went off on our own. The only downside was riding 2 hours each way on a school bus with 8th graders lol. But hey, I got paid to ride roller coasters, not many can say that!

My last day of work I helped decorate the auditorium for the 8th grade promotion. It's an older auditorium as you can tell from the wood and metal peach seats. I thought they looked really cool. 

My Etsy store has been a little discouraging. I haven't made any sales, but I know it's hard to get things started. Some people don't want to take a risk and be someone's first buyer. (As I was writing this, someone just messaged me on Etsy about a product. Hope I can make a sale, yay!)


  1. You got paid to go to Knotts? Cool! Sign me up! Hey! Do you have an instagram account? You should find me...Everyone's there! Well..the cool peeps only of course!Haha! Jk... Heidi and Amy are there...so it's kind of cool to catch them there.. Anyway.. about your store.. Don't give up... You might need to advertise some more... In time you'll make some sales! Just know it!

    Janette the Jongleur

  2. I love riding horses:) My Uncle owns a horse ranch in Canada that takes people on horseback adventures. haha. Don't be discouraged about sales, once you make a sale.. They just keep on coming!! I know how frustrating that can be though. I hope you've been good! I've missed you:)

  3. Love the horseback lessons! I would love that!
    I haven't heard of Knotts. It's a theme park?
    I'm sorry to hear about your shop! I haven't been shopping at all because I've been so broke! I really hope things pick up for you! Have you sponsored any blogs? I think that tends to help!

  4. It's crazy how good of pics you can get from your iphone! so jealous.

  5. eek! Those roller coasters make my tummy hurt...just by looking at the pics. ;)

  6. You take awesome Photos. You should sell some of those too, in you Etsy shop. Don't get discouraged, Think positive only, block out all negative.


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