Thursday, June 9, 2011


After many days of pricing and photographing over 50 vintage items, I am pleased to announce the Grand Opening of my Etsy shop!! I've always loved antiques and vintage things and am so happy that I can now share this love with others. It also took me a few days to decide on the name (which is one of the most important things!), and I appreciate those of you who helped me in that process. I wanted a name different from my blog that fit both me and my shop. 

I wanted a country feel to my name. "West" for being a California girl and a wanna be cowgirl, "Meadow" because I love being out in the country and I want my next house to be in a wide open meadow (for realz!), and vintage for what I'll be selling :) Put that all together and you have one awesome Etsy shop!! (At least I think so!)

I currently have 12 items listed and will be adding multiple items daily. I have put a lot of work into this shop including cleaning and researching items.  I compare what others are charging for similar items and try to keep my prices reasonable and low. I've also designed my own shop banner and button.

Grab the button!!

etsy button final 160

Now here's your chance to help me and save some money at the same time!!

Even if you're not interested in anything in my shop, I would be sooooooo very grateful if you could share my shop with your lovely readers. I will be your best friend forever!!! And if you already have a best friend, then I guess I'll be your second best :)

You guys are awesome! Thanks for reading and supporting me!


  1. I love the name! You've got some cute stuff there :) I'll definitely blog about it girl!

  2. Cute shop! Love the binoculars. ♥

  3. Yay!! You did it:) & I think the name suits your shop well! I'm going to head over and check it out now! I hope your having a great weekend <3

  4. Congratulations! That's a huge step and so exciting that you opened an Etsy shop! Heading over to check it out now!

  5. WOWSERS!! You did it! And the name is PERFECT! I LOVE IT! I looked at the items and they are soo cute! I have those exact salt shakers! Can't wait to see the other items you list! I'll be doing a post on your goods soon! Congratulations friend! Well done!


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