Monday, May 2, 2011

Melody Monday

I've been a bit busy this week, so my blog was put on the back burner. I've missed reading all your blogs, so I hope to catch up this week.

This is my current favorite song. I've been blasting this song and playing it over and over. I love it!

Adele- Rolling in the Deep

The Shins- Girl Inform Me

One of my favorite artists is Greg Laswell and I got to see him preform live on Thursday! It was so amazing to listen to him play and be so close someone I really admire! It was at a small venue that is a resturant with live music. Not the greatest photos from my iphone, but they'll work!

Greg Laswell- And Then You

Did you watch the royal wedding? I woke up at 4am to watch it, only to realize that it started at 3am! Darn! So I watched their carriage ride back to the palace and went back to sleep. 


  1. Gorgeous songs this week (^_^) I watched the Royal Wedding (I live in England so I got to catch the whole thing, yay!) Gorgeous dress or what! So impressed with the whole ceremony (^_^)

  2. I LOVE this Adele song so much. I love how beautiful she is, even with her curves!! She makes me proud to be a little bit bigger;) The Shins are also one of my favourite bands of all time!! I've actually never heard Greg Laswell before, but I am definitely going to take a listen! I hope you have a great week pretty girl!

  3. Weee! Glad you are back? Are you feeling all better? Back to normal? Hope so!

  4. I love Adele, all of her music!! I am so addicted. Glad you see you back. I had to put mine on the back burner too this past weekend.


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