Friday, April 22, 2011

Thrifty Goodies

That's right, everything pictured in this whole post cost me $30 from 4 different stores! 

1. Blazer that will dress up any outfit (I need to take it in on the sides a little)
2. I'm a sucker for a gray sweater, especially a long one like this
3. Cute bracelet, and I'm going to make a necklace out of one of the earrings
4. Two sweaters (gray of course!)

On my thrifty adventure I was also on the look out for t-shirts. All my current t-shirts are for exercising, so I wanted one's for casual days. 

And finally, for those who know me well, know that I have to check out the book section. I found two vintage books: German in Context, 1964 and A Book About A Thousand Things, 1946, which is exactly what is says it is. It talks about random things like "Why do bees hum?"  and "Why are policeman called cops?" Seems the 40's version of Google! 

I also bought the first two Harry Potter books because I've been wanting to read them, The Hours (love the movie), and a book about Psychopathology, which will be useful in my future career. 

Thanks for taking the time to look through the goodies I found. If you have any thrift store goodies to share, leave your link in the comment, I'd love to see them!


  1. great finds! I love that yellow and grey sweater! SO cute. And Harry Potter!!! Have you read the series before or are you a virgin?? haha. I love them! I hope you have a good weekend brianna♥

  2. Oh wow you have bought so many things! I love thrifting, =) and grey cardigans to!

  3. I love it when you go thrifting!!

  4. I love your are soooo good at thrifting...seriously!! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  5. Tagged you!!! <3

  6. love the music t-shirt and the blazer! You are an awesome thrifter!

  7. Wow! I really want to check out A Book About A Thousand Things. I love trivia. :) And that bracelet is divine. Love it!


  8. 30 bucks for all that???!! WHOAAAAA! AWESOMENESS!

  9. I'm a new follwer :) I love your blog so much!
    these goodies are great. I wish I could find something as pretty as these... :)

  10. How is it that you've managed to escape reading Harry Potter up until now? If it wasn't for the fact that they are super enjoyable I'd try to persuade you not to read them, as you'd belong to a very small crowd...sort of like the few peeps who are not on Facebook.

    Love the wolf shirt as well. Totally can rock that.

  11. Thanks for the tag sheri that's awesome.

  12. OH MY GOD....dork of the day award goes to me....Sorry Breeanna, I had the wrong comment box opened...thought Sheri tagged me, LOL when she was tagging you.

    You can imagine how confused I was when i went to the link and didn't find my blog. Total dork, sorry for the confusion on your post.


  13. swell shopping skills Breeanna, i'm most impressed with the deals and love everything you scored! hilarious b/c my gf & i were checking out some wolf shirts last weekend at a vintage shop. we def feel they are in style!

    happy weekend wishes to you and thanks for your comments on my photos for Laura's feature too. wonderful you will be involved in that, it's a stellar feature. ♥


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