Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Treasure Hunt Tuesday

I found a few giveaways for you lovelies to enter! Of course, I want to win them, but I have to share with my awesome readers!

The first giveaway is from one of my favorite blogs. Head on over to Grin & Bear It for a chance to win this awesome watch, her handmade beanie, and beautiful earrings. It's such a great giveaway, I want it!

This next giveaway is over at The Littlest Polly for a chance to win this pretty handmade vintage key necklace. Head on over to see how to enter. 

Now for Etsy goodies!

Vintage glass earrings at TheWhirlwind

Bag made out of a tire! ReclaimedWreckage

Lego decal stickers for keyboard! (For the nerd inside me) wonderland1025

Vintage dress at SassySisterVintage

That's it for today's Treasure Hunt! 

Tomorrow I get to present for the first time ever in a student meeting as part of my School Psychology Practicum. The parent, teacher, counselor, and school psychologist will be there. I'm sharing my observation of him that I did in his classroom. I'm a little nervous. Wish me luck!


  1. You are to kind sweetie! Thanks for mentioning me! Also Thanks for the heads up on the other giveaway. I saw those colorful keyboard decals on The dainty squid today and I ♥ them how fun are those? Good luck on your presentation love, you will do great:)

  2. Heyya! How'd the presentation go? I'm sure you did awesomecakes! Hey! I thought you were going to post helpful stuff you were learning in school and from your knowledge bank too about psychology and other things..Hope that's still in the works.. And oh! I love the Lego decals.. STELLAR SPECTACULAR. And I'm looking forward to Heidi's giveaway too! I hope I win! I never win anything ..lol

    Janette, the Jongleur

  3. Love all of these. Great Post!!!

  4. Oh man, I love those keyboard stickers! Must have them! Geek Love <3 :o)

  5. Love this post. Good Luck!

  6. you're so cool for sharing the wealth that is a good giveaway!

    and i agree with the majority, those keyboard decals are candy colored fun!!! hope the presentation went well lades and happy almost weekend. ♥

    pea ess: thanks for your wonderful comments and guest post support!


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