Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

It is my goal to open an Etsy shop and sell my vintage findings. Until then I'll share them here with you! 

A vintage expandable wood ruler with brass.

A Spanish Textbook from 1946

My Friend Flicka and Thunderhead First Editions: 1941 & 1943 

Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking  1956

Business Filing 1943, with neat pictures

Vintage Thermos and syrup dispenser

A huge role of newspapers from 1945 & 1946 (My dog Evie taking a snif)

I bought a lot more than pictured here, but I didn't want this post to be super long. It was a very successful day.

I've been doing a lot of thrifting and garage sales lately and I wanted to share some things I've learned:

1) Bring hand wipes- your hands will get visibly dirty from touching everything
2) If you see something you like, but are not sure you want it, carry it around with you. If you set it down, it will be gone when you go back for it. (This has happened a few times!)
3) The earlier you go, the better things you will find.
4) I find my garage/estate sales on Craigslist. I'll copy all the information into a word document and organize them by location or what they are selling. 

**Note about my bangs in this previous post. A few of you in your comments thought that I cut my own bangs. I actually had a stylist cut them. If you want short bangs like that, I would recommend having a professional do it. Bangs are so easy to screw up!


  1. OOhhh...I like tip 4 the best..very nice! You have a great eye...your business will be awesome...good luck with your goal! I love seeing your finds...I have an owl just like that...I obsessively collect ceramic owls, imagine my suprise when I found out that its actually popular. I have been lame so long...I am cool again! Whoo hooo! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. Such great finds, I can't wait to post what I found at the cool vintage shop I went too this weekend.
    Love the purse and the encyclopedia of cooking from the 50's.. oh Wow !!

  3. Great finds! Thanks for sharing your tips- I look on craigslist, too.
    Last time I went with my dad, and he found a folding ruler, too. They are nifty little tools! :)

  4. The thermos and syrup dispenser! So sweet!

  5. Great finds! We have tons of old books,love them! And that bag is amazing!


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