Friday, January 11, 2013

Scary Job Interview

This week got crazy busy.
On Monday I got a call for a school psychologist interview (first one ever!) that was taking place on Wednesday. Super short notice!
I spent the next day and a half studying for the interview. My internship ended last June and I haven't really kept up on everything since my current job is nothing related to it.
Interview didn't go that great. Two ladies sat me down, put a sheet of questions in front of me and started right away asking the questions. No, "Tell us about yourself" or "Why do you want to work with us", they just gave me a scenario and asked me what I would do.
I was so freaking nervous!
They said I would get a call that afternoon for a second interview the next day if I was chosen.....Did not get a call. 

Now I know it was my very first interview for a school psychologist position, but it really bummed (crushed really) me out because there are no open positions AT ALL in this city, and I really do not like my current job. It is nothing related to my master's degree that I spent the last 3 years working towards. AND I really really miss working with kids.
I think they wanted a more experienced person, because they wanted someone right away, and it can be hard to start in the middle of the school year. (Well, I tell myself this to make me feel better.)

Sometimes it's so hard to believe God closes some doors to open others. Sometimes I just want to dwell in my sadness and failures and give up. But I won't!

In Other News: I'm on day 2 of my new eating plan. I've decided to omit wheat and dairy for awhile, just to see what it does. 
1. Lose weight
2. Gain energy (I'm always so tired!)
3. Be healthy!

Basing it on a Paleo diet, but not as strict. 


  1. This is a really optimistic post ^_^ You're right how sometimes all we want to do is drown in our own misery but it's great to see that you're going to move forward positively! Not getting a call back is tough but there is a job out there just waiting for you ^_^

  2. Oh man, job interviews can be tough, especially as a "first year" in anything. But don't worry, the right job will come to you.

    Also, we're trying a "not so strict" Paleo as well. Really just trying to limit processed foods and grains. Best of luck to you!

  3. cute new header.

    ps. you're gunna make one awesome school psychologist, missy.

  4. Oh no B! I'm sorry that you did not get a call back.. Which I think stinks.. Because honestly..How telling and accurate are interviews anyway?? I mean.... A person can be an AMAZZZZING worker, but they may get nervous during an interview..Know what I mean? That stinks.. Sometimes they just need to give people a chance.. Like my husband..he had no experience in the job he is in...but the hiring manager took a chance on him and now he is indispensable to the company.. Hang in there and don't give up! At least now you know what to expect and can prepare with the questions they did ask...


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