Thursday, November 8, 2012

November Heat

My favorite time of the year has arrived. Although it has been in the 80 degree range here in San Diego, the weather forecast promises some cool relief. I love the cool breeze and the fall smells that appear after the sun sets. Zipping up my boots and throwing on a scarf give me that cozy feeling. 

The new job is going great, but I'm home sick today...hence the blogging from bed. 

The girls have been keeping me company. There just like there momma and could sleep all day :)

Mr. Owl says hi too.


  1. HEYYYYYY Breeanna! Saw a comment from you and I was all excited! Glad your job is going well! Sorry you're sick! Boo!

    KIT lady!


  2. i love that owl. and cute pup too. get better!

  3. aww he's so cute, he's looking afterhis human :)


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