Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marriage is hard, but oh so sweet.

This month, Mr. Brilliant and I celebrated our 3-year wedding anniversary! The time is just flying by. We've definitely experienced a lot of changes together. We ourselves have changed and grown, sometimes taking a few steps back here and there. One thing I've learned (the hard way), you must be honest with each other and have clear communication. Without these you won't last long. I don't know about you, but I'm a big mind reader. I'm always assuming what others are thinking and this gets me in trouble with Mr. Brilliant. I also expect him to read my mind, which never works a unless he catches my passive aggressive tone or body language. Like I said, marriage is hard, but there are good parts too of course. Having someone commit themselves to you for the rest of your life is an amazing feeling. Waking up next to him and trusting him with all my fears, mistake, and dreams is something I'm so grateful for. Knowing that I'll never have to face anything alone ever again and having a partner for all the struggles, has saved my life. I love you Mr. Brilliant. Thank you for loving me.



  1. AWWWW! Happy Anniversary! Loved this post! You are so sweet! Aww! Makes me feel all mushy inside But yeah, I like how you put it.. It's an amazing thing when someone commits their life to you... And sometimes it's not easy..but it's so worth it! Congrats on 3 years friend! May God bless the rest of your days as husband and wife!


  2. Yep we definitely have our mind reading moments too! Loved everything you said and I definitely agree!
    Happy 3 years to you both! :)


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