Thursday, May 10, 2012

I need more hours in the day...

because I'm so busy. I thought that when I finished all my classes, I would have so much free time, but it turns out that my free time has turned into me actually having a life.

I've started working out more (hiking, running) which takes up most of my early evenings, and I'm currently working on 6 student assessment. This means 6 reports I have to write, and I don't always finish them at work, which means they come home with me.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone. Hope you are doing well and I hope to catch up to my blogging life shortly.


  1. Yes I totally agree with you there should be more hours in the day. You can do it :)

  2. Aw it's good to hear from you, it will all be worth it, and well done for working out amid all the chaos, it takes the tiniest excuse for me to put that off, I've been meaning to go swimming for about a year...!

  3. haha at least we know your still alive! I hope you somehow find a way to make more hours in the day. It would be rather nice. Hope things slow down a little for ya!

  4. Glad you have more free time to do stuff you want to do..well..'cept the assessment thingies :-/ Miss you, friend! Is that even possible? I've never even met you..But I do somehow.. lol Have a good weekend!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  5. You can get it all done! Hope life settles down for you soon! If you have a chance, stop by my blog for my Birthday Week of Giveaways!


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