Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowflakes are a must.

I felt like my home needed a little more Christmas spirit in addition to the Christmas tree. I got this great idea from Janette the Jongleur  to cut out snowflakes and hang them up around the house. I know some of you have the real thing right outside your door, but here in Southern California, we just have to pretend. If you go over to Janette's site, she shares a link to an easy template that you can print and then cut out to make different kinds of snowflakes. They just add the perfect touch!

I also added a string of lights to two different spots in the living room. Here's one of the spots.

I bought these cheap plastic ornaments at Target last year and didn't know what to do with them. You know, one of those "Why did I buy this" purchase......so I put them in a couple jars and added lights.

My grandma made me this Christmas stocking.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. 
I have a busy day tomorrow. 
Going to look at furniture, finishing up Christmas presents, and going to the 
Poinsettia Bowl (college football) here in San Diego. 
Neither of us like football, but we are going with friends who got us tickets.
Are you ready for Christmas! 5 days to go!


  1. We have snowflakes hanging around at work. :) The patients love it.
    I like what you did though, VERY christmasy.

  2. i love the homemade snowflakes, used to cut those all the time when i was a kid. and your christmas decorations are gorgeous

  3. So cute, you did a good job nesting. I haven't made snowflakes in years, it was so fun to make them as kids...

  4. wow, truly beautiful decorations. reminds me of nice warm fireplaces and snowy christmasses already. :) xx

  5. cute decorations :) love these pretending snowflakes hihi :)


  6. They came out soooo great! Aren't they just lovely? LOVE! And thanks for the shout out friend! You're such a great bloggy pal! For reals! You're one of my top 5 favorites bloggers and people.. Hope to meet you some day!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  7. That looks very pretty and very festive! I just started cutting out snowflakes, too! I've tried in the past, but I have always always failed, haha. I'm glad I found some "tutorials" online so I don't end up with a square-shaped snowflake. They really do bring some winter magic to any room!

    I read about your "Holiday Favorites" on Arielle's blog and thought I would go ahead and check out your site.

    Your header is gorgeous! I assume that you took it yourself? It's very wonderful (I love lens flare). And I think it is fantastic that you were able to photograph your brother's wedding! The images look great, and I'm sure that he and his wife were very happy.

    Have a wonderful, Merry Christmas! I hope you get some new scarves and boots to wear. :)

  8. Those ornaments with the lights in the jar are super cute!

  9. I LOVE your decorations! I think I will have to makes some paper snowflakes for next year!


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