Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Etsy Shop Update

I just wanted to give a little update of my vintage Etsy store for those of you who were around when I first opened it in June of this year. And for those who are new, here's a chance to learn about my Etsy store! I've never had more than 25 items listed at a time, so it's been a slow start...BUT the good news is, I have made some money off my store and have sold 20 items so far!

My future goals for the store are:
1) Get more inventory
2) Advertise on more blogs
3) More giveaways!

I absolutely love finding vintage treasures that other people pass by, and then find new homes for them. When I buy things at estate/garage sales, I take a gamble that someone else will want to buy it, so I'm glad to see that I'm finding items that others like.


  1. your items ook great! I have a Vintage Etsy store too...started stocking it in Aug, and have done ok i think! I LOVE looking in charity shops for treasures and something a bit different :)

  2. I love that vintage ice cube tray. I feel the same way about garage sailing and thrifting. I can't wait to open my shop too. :)

  3. your etsy shop is so cute!! i have been thinking about setting up an etsy shop, how hard is it?? and good to hear you actually can make money

  4. Sooooo happy Breeanna! Please tell me that my blog has contributed to at least one of your sales.. That would make me soooo happy!

    Janette the Jongleur


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