Monday, October 17, 2011

High School Reunion

I like this song.

Interesting story. I went to my 10 year high school reunion Saturday night. Originally they were going to have a dinner at a nice hotel. Many people complained about the $80 per person ticket (rightfully so!). The venue was canceled and it ended up being in a small bar/club in downtown San Diego called Wet Willies. It was a slushy bar. What is a slushy bar you ask? Just see for yourself.

So over loud blasting music, I got to see people I had not seen for over 10 years. It was one of those awkward movie moments where I remembered everyone and hardly anyone knew who I was.
I was one of those quiet shy girls in high school (well...I still am at times). You know, the kind that didn't make a big impression on people because she never talked to anyone outside her group of friends. I did see a few people that remembered me, but out of our 500 graduating class, only about 30-40 people were there. And the majority of them were those who were considered the "popular crowd". Some people looked the same, others looked really old. Luckily, my husband was also in my graduating class and we went with 2 other classmates, so we were not totally awkwardly alone. As everyone else started drinking and dancing on the empty dance floor, we stayed outside on the patio area and were thankful for who we turned out to be.

Another movie moment that made my night was when a few of those pretty and popular girls remembered my husband from elementary school (I did not go to that school). One of them said to him, "You're the one with ants in his desk."Then the three girls started singing their middle school's theme song very loudly at that round table you see in the picture above. I was thinking, is this for real?

Although there were some awkward moments, I am glad I went. I knew I would have a great story to tell about my high school reunion and I'm glad I got to see some of those people. 

Look what my wonderful husband got me for my birthday. 

He took the time to look on craigslist to get me a really nice tripod at a decent price. It has a level on it and a handle so I can turn the camera up/down and side to side. I love it!

Summer has returned to San Diego. It's been in the 80's and 90's this week. I guess I should be grateful, but I really hate the heat!

I'd love to hear any reunion stories you have!


  1. You are brave to show up to your high school reunion! I don't think I would go to mine. But a slushy bar might entice me ;)

  2. I have NEVER heard of a slushy bar, but it looks delicious!

  3. I agree. You're a braver woman than me. The slushy bar sure is photogenic!

  4. Never been in any class reunion yet. I don't know if I will go if I had a chance... I am too

  5. Oh you brave one! I did not go to my HS Reunion.. Luckily, I had already made plans for that day so I had a good excuse! I do not envy your awkward moments, cause I know I would have had those and more! I like you was the kind of person who remembers everyone... And yet..this may sound mean...but everyone worth remembering I still have in my life...We didn't drift apart in college...So I'm happy!

    And I'm happy you got a tripod! NICE! Now you can do more outfit posts! YUP! I agree!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  6. I had no idea that slushy bars existed! How fun! My 5-year reunion is coming up next year....I'm don't even know how to feel about that fact!

    And what a great gift. A tripod needs to be one of my next photography-related purchases. What do you shoot with?

  7. Getting a good story is a good reason to go, isn't it? I would go jsut for the slushy bar...yes, I admit, I like slushy bars. But hey I we don't have them in Sweden :)

    Have a great week //Niina


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