Monday, September 12, 2011

Melody Monday: Remembering 9/11

I was 17 years old when 9/11 took place. I had graduated high school that June and had just started my first year of college in September. At the time I was living with my grandmother. On the morning of September 11th, my grandmother came into my room and woke me up, telling me something bad had just happened. I don't remember her exact words, but I remember mine. As I lay in my bed half asleep, annoyed that she woke me up, I said, "I don't care." Then she turned my TV on and I wish I could have swallowed my words. I had two classes that morning, but one of them was cancelled because my teacher's husband had to travel to New York to help for some reason I don't remember. As I drove to class that morning, I remember listening to the radio and what people were saying about it. Class only lasted a few minutes. My teacher discussed the event with us and said something like, "What's the point of class today?" and he let us leave. I don't remember much more of that day. I may have had to work that evening, or maybe I stayed home watching the news. 

Today I still get a sinking feeling in my stomach when I watch videos of the plane hitting and the towers falling. Above our house, we always have planes flying over for the landing flight path, and a lot of times my stomach does a little flip when I see the planes and I get a little flashback of the plane hitting the tower. Thankfully I did not know anyone who died that day, but it's amazing how even after 10 years, I'm still effected.  I visited New York City in 8th grade (1997) and I really want to go some New Years Eve (maybe this year?)

So here are some songs I like about New York to help me remember and celebrate the wonderful city that has been through so much. (I know that there were other locations effected on 9/11, but New York is the one that affected me the most). 


  1. i spent most of yesterday watching the ceremony's on the tv. It all seems like yesterday, but all the children are ten years older, and its so sad to see them talk about the fanmily members they lost x

  2. Loved reading about your memories of that day. I was a freshman in college, and I remember every second of what happened from the moment I woke up that morning. The news was broken to me, via my shower radio. I thought the dj was joking, and I remember thinking...that's a horrible joke. On a whim, I got out of the shower, woke up my roomate and turned on the tv in time to see the 2nd plane hit. It's like every moment was in slow motion. I'll never forget 9/11.

    Love your playlist. I'm listening to it now, as I catch up on my blog reading.

  3. Great music compilation. I was still in high school, and I remember just spending the whole day at school, and everyone was glued to the television. I wonder what it must be like for kids today, who weren't even born at the time.

  4. A fitting tribute.. I toootally remember that day...And it's so clear...It was surreal and I thought I was watching a movie.. When the towers fell it didn't dawn on me until after a few seconds that those buildings were full of people...I'll never forget it.. So many lives and heroes lost that day...

    Janette the Jongleur


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