Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Horse Love

Every Saturday morning I go spend time with these lovely creatures.
I take western horseback riding lessons and I get to ride in an arena as well as trial rides. 
There something so peaceful about riding a horse, although you can never be off your guard when riding.
Horses are flight animals, meaning that whenever they fear something, they want to run away to protect themselves. 
This also means they can spook at the slightest thing that they are unsure of and it's happened a few times when I was riding one. 
Riding is harder than it looks. You need to have leg strength to steer with your legs more than the reins. You also need to have good balance, because if the horse moves in a direction you're not prepared for, you may fall off. 
Currently I'm working at posting at a trot, which means moving up and down on the horse as it trots so you don't hurt their back during the bumpy ride. I've been riding since June and still have so much more to learn. 

I'm going to continue riding horses for a long time, and I hope some day I can own my own horse :)


  1. I really, REALLY love your love for horses :) They make me smile.

    Belly B :)

  2. My Uncle owns a ranch in Canada where they take out groups on trails by horseback. I know that sentence sound retarded.. I couldn't think how to word it. Anywho, I love going there are riding through the mountains! It is crazy to feel the horses movements underneath you. I hate it when they trip on rocks though, kinda freaky! Also when I was a little girl I was riding one of their horses and she got spooked and galloped away with me on back.. The horse crossed a busy road and bolted up a hill before my aunt caught up to us. I was terrified to ride again for years!! I hope your having a great week<3

  3. horses are so beautiful, ive never riden or even come close but i have a few friends who have and they are all really fit!

  4. I loveee horses. It's so freeing to be riding bareback in the mountains without a care in the world. You're lucky to get to spend so much time with them! <3

  5. Horses are such beautiful creatures! I think it's so very cool that you take riding lessons. Trotting looks really difficult.

  6. HORSES ARE INCREDIBLE! That's awesome that you're taking that class..What a blessing it must be! You wear a helmet right? Be safe!!

    Janette the Jongleur


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