Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Internship

I think this may be my first post without any pictures, but that's ok, there's always a first for everything.

Today was my first official day as a School Psychologist Intern. It feels so good to be able to put to work all the things I've been learning the last 2 years. During my internship I have to complete 1200 hours, 200 of those hours have to be at a different level than the other hours (the levels to choose from are preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school). So I have chosen to do most of my hours at a K-6th grade school, and my second level is going to a special education preschool program. It gets a little bit more complicated though. The preschool is at a different school district than the K-6 school, so I will have two different supervisors. The supervisor at the K-6 actually has three school sites she is assigned to, which means that is 3 different schools I will be working at. The fun part is that I could be at all sites every week. Preschool will be Monday and Friday, and the K-6 will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I see it as, the more sites I'm at, the more exposure I get to how different schools work.

Today being the first day, my supervisor took me around to all 3 of her schools and introduced to me to a lot of people, I mean a lot. I may not remember their names, but at least they know who I am now. I'm so horrible at remember names, but I'm really good at remembering faces. I'm also not the most outgoing person and can be self-conscious, so I get nervous when meeting new people. All these thoughts rush through my head, like, "Do they like me?" "Why are they looking at me like that?" "If they liked me they would have been more friendly." I know the last one may not be true, but these are like automatic thoughts I have.

The heat was still miserable today, and Mr. Brilliant has been sick, so we're both hoping tomorrow is a better day. I'm also praying that he doesn't get me sick. That's the last thing I need right now. So I said, "No kisses on the lips today." I know that sounds mean, but I really can't be sick right now. He's a sweetie though and understands.

GREAT NEWS! I got the A-Ok to share my brother's wedding photos, so I'll put together a post over the weekend. I know some of you were wanting to see more pictures after I gave the little sneak peak here.

Thanks to those who read this entire post. I usually keep my writing to a minimum, but I think I may start using my blog more as an expressive journal along with my vintage goodies and photography.

P.S. I made it to 100 followers today! It's so amazing! Thank you guys!


  1. First- Congrats on 100 followers!

    my sister is a therapist and I remember when she had to do her interning hours- hers was helping teen moms :)

  2. Man it sounds like you're going to be busy. I think it's really neat that you'll be working with little kids.

    I'm terrible with names too, but I'm sure they'll understand.

    Hope your husband gets better. Mine gets very sad when I ban him from kissing me.

  3. It's so awkward being the kid being drug around meeting all these people. I have to do that at my job too and I hate it so!!
    Hope your hubby makes a quick recovery! :)

  4. So excited for your internship ... hate those first few days ... the ones where you meet a million new people {or so it seems} and then struggle to remember names {I am the same way!}.

    Congrats on the followers ... yea!

    xx Cat

    ps. hope your hubby feels better soon!

  5. Oh! I like the no pics post too.. Although I always think that people won't read my jumblin' and mumblin'...But I think your readers get a better sense of who are you by what you write..and if you write more... Does that make sense?

    And I totally share your thoughts about meeting new people..Those same thoughts cross my mind.. And I get nervous. Especially meeting women.. I think it's easier to talk to men...Also.. I think I'm a lot better than I was before... I don't get as nervous or have discouraging thoughts...Maybe it's having more confidence in myself or maybe I just reached a point where I don't care about what people think.. I don't know... I always figure that there will always be people who don't like me no matter what I do or say... But all that is just to say that I toooootally understand what you're saying...

    And that's really a huuuuuge blessing that you're going to be exposed to so many different levels and kids..You're going to do great!

    Keep us posted!

    Janette, the Jongleur

    PS. And a superrr duperrr big congrats on reaching 100! WOO HOO!!!

  6. so many good things going on lades! way to go on beginning this new sector of life, it's going to lead you on many successful roads ahead for sure!!! i have a hard time with names too but you only just started so give it some time : )

    kudos on the follower marker too, your blog is great! ♥


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