Friday, July 1, 2011

Thrifty Dress Score!

Let me preface this by saying, I don't consider my blog a fashion blog, and I am not a model, so please excuse my funny faces and poses :) 

I just wanted to share these dresses that I found in a thrift store yesterday. I bought 3 dresses for $12! I only have two pictured though. 

This dress is covered in tiny blue and red flowers. It was a prefect fit for me!

Lia wanted to join in on the fun :)

I'm not sure about this one yet. It's actually a jumper suit, so I'm going to have to cut and re-sew it to make it an actual dress. 

The lace bolero I'm wearing was what I wore in my wedding 2 years ago. I picked out the lace and a friend of mine made it. 

Brown belt- thrifted
Red belt- thrifted
Boots- thrifted
White sweater- Kohls

Shopping in thrift stores can be time consuming because you may have to go through a lot of clothes before finding something you like. But walking out of the store with something at an awesome price, makes it all worth it!

Do you go thrifting? What's the best thing you have ever found?

Have a great weekend! And happy 4th of July!


  1. oh i love these! i especially love the daisy one. great finds!

  2. love thrift shopping! and discovering lovely things to buy :)

  3. Wow, $12 for all that pretty stuff! That is an amazing deal!

  4. CUTE dresses! i love them all:) especially with the cute cowgirl boots! i'm a thriftin' gal too. I think my best find ever was a cute vintage romper that was blue with little white polka dots. $4! it can be seen here:

    I love your blog! can't wait to see more. following now!


  5. Love the floral prints! I just bought some floral dresses at the thrift store, too! :)

  6. They're both SUPER cute, but I think I love the first one most! great finds! :D

  7. Wow, what a steal for three dresses! The one with the red & blue flowers is adorable.

    I love thrifting too, I once found a black velvet 40's-inspired dress for $10!

  8. I love thrifting too.. estate sales are my weak spot. Best thing ever was a $2 typewriter. :)

  9. Cute! I like them both! good finds.

    Yes I go thrifting. In fact I went on Sunday. I think the best thing I found was my long jean skirt. They aren't really in style anymore, but I had wanted one and this one is perfect!

  10. Oh nice! That first dress looks amazinggggggggg!!! I think you should leave the jumper a jumper! I like it! And that little bolero is cute cute cute!OH! And you do not have a funny face or poses...I like them!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  11. okay, WOAH! 3 for 12?! that's too good, what an amazing and epic score. you look lovely in them, great prints and Lia is a sweetie, as always. i adore thrifting, recently found some darling porcelain woodland friends to add in my collection. i'm scouting for rad pyrex at the mo, haven't found a worthy contender yet though : ( happy week wishes to you sweetness! ♥

  12. love the daisy print jumper and those cowgirl boots are rad


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