Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Home

Just some pictures from my life at home. Things that make me happy. Yes that is a shark I'm leaning on. My husband and his friend caught it. It was so heavy, that they couldn't even pick it up together (must have weighed at least 350!) Fishing is a big part of our lives. My husband goes at least twice a week on his boat, and we love seafood!

Aren't my girls so pretty! 


  1. What beautiful photos! I wish that I lived where you did! Great shots of your pups! Lovely sunset photo too! Awe I've missed you! I am hopefully going to be a more pro active blogger soon<3 haha. I can't believe thats a shark! Holy cow! I hope your having a great week!

  2. Beautiful photos! It's always the little things that makes homes special :) And your dogs are gorgeous!

  3. OMG a shark??? Crazy! I Love seafood too though. Your life at home seems amazing! I wish I was a San Diegoen...however you spell it :)

  4. I love your house!! I love anything 'old west' and this def reminds me of it. So cute.
    Love your bloggy too.

  5. Aww, I love these photos! Your dogs are so cute with their frisbees! It must be so fun to play with them :)

    And holy cow, I can't believe you are standing on a shark! That is so crazy! Your hubby must be a great fisherman!

  6. I love the pretty little details in your home and your cute pups!
    I can't even believe that is a real shark. They terrify me! WOW!

  7. that is one big shark to catch while fishing...I love all the western touched throughout your home.

  8. Your home is awesome! LOVING the details! Hey! Is catching shark legal? Just curious! Cause if it's illegal, I'm calling the cops on you You look so tough holding it down!

    Janette the Jongleur


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