Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leaving On a Jet Plane

That's right, this week I'm jumping on a plane with Mr. Brilliant and heading off to Montana! We were invited to a retreat for military couples free of charge! While there, we are going to do some fly fishing (if I don't hook myself!) It's our ultimate dream to live in Montana, so we may look at some houses and property.

I still have posts scheduled for this week, so don't leave! I just will not be able to respond to comments as often and to visit your wonderful blogs because I'll be out catching fish and enjoying time with Mr. Brilliant. I'll take lots of pictures, so keep a look out for my return next week.

Co-Post with the Beautiful Janette

Today I'm co-posting over at one of my favorite blogs, Janette the Jongleur. We both live and grew up in California and decided to discuss the WOWS and WOES 
of living here. We had a lot of fun putting it together so go check it out! And while your there, check out her awesome blog, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Yay! Yipee skippy! So excited that this is finally up! Took us forever (mostly my fault..sorry)...but it came out great! Don't you think? Oh wait.. You're on vacay! Nevermind! Have fun friend and be safe!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. have a fun trip , Montana is on my wanderlust

  3. hope you have a fabulous holiday :)

  4. Have a wonderful holiday! Montana sounds beautiful

  5. hope you have a great trip! i've always wanted to visit montana!

  6. i was just there and loved the SD goodness!!!! you two are an adorable coupling, so fun to see! have a terrific trip lades; that is one place i haven't been but the boyf has and his photos of the landscapes are brilliant.

    you're so sweet to leave that comment about the circles. they look great Breeanna, glad to be an insp : )

    enjoy every moment! ♥

  7. dude have fun on Vacay! Take lots of pictures.


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