Monday, May 9, 2011

Melody Monday

I love all kinds of music, even the kinds I may not understand all the words. The first two songs are from the Frida soundtrack. The last two are by Selena, "The Queen of Tejano music". A very sad story if you haven't heard. She was killed in 1995, at only 23 years old. She was so talented.

Happy late Cinco de Mayo :)

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I apologize for my lack of posting/commenting. I've been really stressed about work and other things. Last night, as I was out with my mother for mother's day, my car wouldn't start. Luckily my husband was able to come and start it. Something about restarting the computer. Then the same thing happen today as I was about to leave a gas station. He had to come again to save me. So tomorrow my car is going to the shop. I've had this car for 10 years, since I was in high school. It's my first and only car. I'm soooooo ready for a new one, but we can't really afford one. We are avoiding at all costs having a car payment. So the only other option is to get mine fixed.

Please bare with me. I've only got two more (stressful) weeks of full time work and then I'll have lots of time off :) Summer, you are going to be glorious this year.


  1. Girl I know exactly how you feel. Right now we are a one care family and the one we are driving isn't even that wonderful. We just can't afford a new car. It is so stressful. So sorry Breanna!

  2. Car troubles are the pits friend! They are!! And I think that you are thee cutest thing for liking Selena! Nice choice of songs!

  3. I feel you. We have been having car troubles lately too! So frustrating. OH and I tried to convince my husband to get me a mothers day gift for being a dog mom too.. He wasn't convinced either! haha I hope your week gets better!

  4. Ohhh no...I live in fear of car troubles! I hope your car fixes up and doesn't rob you blind. As you know I've been out no worries lady or you'll get sick like I did! Take care and I hope your week improves. Hearts, Janna Lynn


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