Monday, April 11, 2011

Melody Monday & My Week in Collages

I felt like doing an outfit picture because I was wearing my new favorite tank top I got from Kolhs. Oh and I had to use my mirror because I don't have a tripod! On Tuesday Mr. Brilliant and I took my younger sister to the shooting range for her birthday. That's my target there in the middle and me shooting a hand gun. Yes I know, I'm pretty good haha! It really is a good stress reliever. 
To the right of that is my brother's awesome tattoo. He's plays the guitar really well. I saw him at a breakfast we went to for my sister's birthday. He just had work on it the night before, so he was showing it off. (He said he didn't care that his underwear was showing, sorry ladies!) 

Thursday we went to a Japanese restaurant where I ordered a lunch combo and was handed this gigantic plate! Definitely ate too much! Then later that night we went bowling with some of Mr. Brilliant's coworkers, where I also ate too much. Had to get the nachos and a corn dog! 

This was my favorite part of the week. When we get heavy rain storms here in San Diego, it sometimes snows in the mountains. When I saw on the news Friday morning that there was snow out there, we decided to take the dogs for a little trip. I know many of you are sick of snow at this point (seriously, snow in April?), but I've lived in San Diego my whole life, so for me it's neat to see. It was only a 40 minute drive from our house, which is pretty amazing considering we can see the ocean from our house. Unfortunately, they were requiring chains for the area that had snow on the ground, so we took a back road and decided just to talk a walk while it was snowing. Although the dogs didn't get to play in the snow like I was hoping, they still got to experience some snow. 

I really appreciate your comments about how you enjoy my Melody Mondays! It really makes the time I put into it worth it! Hope you enjoy this week's melodies!

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Raised by Swans is a band I have recently discovered. This is my favorite song by them. It wasn't available for the playlist above, so I used YouTube :)


  1. Thank you for all your sweet comments :) I just fell in love with your blog too! :)

    I know how you feel about the snow. I want more! It's so weird how we have to "go" to the snow when everyone else in the world just has it at their doorstep haha.
    Andddd that sushi looks amazing. I had some Thursday night too, except it was all you can eat sushi. I was full over until the next day! Hahah :)

  2. Oh my gosh, as soon as I saw that shirt in your photo I wanted it!! I hope that kohl's has an online store because I really want to buy that top! I also love that necklace you are wearing it is fabulous! I wish that I lived somewhere that snow was a treat when it did come around! haha. Looks like a good weekend:) I hope you have a great week sweetie!

  3. Thats so funny...when I saw your shirt...I thought...I bet Heidi will want to swipe that! Ha ha! Lovely outfit...and amazing pictures. You really take great pic's! I also love hearing any music you pic out. Hearts, Janna lynn

  4. Love that tank top! It's so cute.
    That is a really neat tattoo. I think my brother would like that too.
    I would love to go to a shooting range. I've only ever shot a 22.
    How fun that you got a snow day! So glad it was a good weekend for you!

  5. Yum, sushi! And yay fun, bowling! Looks like you had an awesome time, even if it *did* snow in April *chuckles* Thanks for your sweet comment about my teeth, I hope all goes well for your extractions!

  6. Love that tattoo! Ooh and thankyou for introducing me to some new songs. My playlist thanks you too :)

  7. THAT TATTOO IS AWESOME!! I wish that I was a skinny minny so that I could pull off crap like that. Boooooo

  8. OOhhh la la! Loving the collages! Makes me feel like I was kind of there! And that shirt is greatmazing girl! Love the whole ensemble! And nice job on the shooting.. I've been and I stunk cause I think my eyes were closed the whole I was scared!

  9. love the reflection shot and your darling new tank! great re-cap; shooting ranges are such fun!! i've been a couple times and it's such a great stress release, you're right.

    baha! underwear overshare, so good. his ink is stellar and doesn't even look swollen, after having mine done they looked a bit bubbly for a day or two. adore seeing your dogs enjoying the snow day. nice playlist too, New Order is in my top 5 fave bands of all time. saw them live many years ago and they are tight! ♥

    pea ess: Breeanna, i actually got an email from Liz Longacre thanking me for my post inclusion and saying that she was tipped off to it by someone. i went back to her article and saw your comment, you are SO sweet to mention me! thank you, that whole thing kinda made my day! xo


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