Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

I skipped last weeks weigh-in so hopefully I'll see some results this week. 


Minus 4.1 pounds! (9.1 total)


Look what I got in the mail last week! The vintage necklace I won in a giveaway at She Wears Crazy Well. She also sent me a Valentine and a cute pencil! She's such a sweetie, go check out her awesomeness!

Look at pretty little Lia sitting so lady like. She's the one who had a toe removed. The foot is all healed and she's not in pain anymore :)

And this silly goose is Evie. She had that huge bed to lay in, but she chose to snuggle up in the tiny dog bed that we bought for Lia when we first got her. 

I love my doggies!


  1. congrats on the weight loss!

  2. Oh you won the necklace?! Congrats. It is so pretty!

    And your pups are seriously adorable! I think it is so cute when they sit ladylike. Tehe! =)

  3. Ha ha! Thanks for the shout take suck lovely pictures! Your doggies are sooooo adorable! Wow..your really losing some weight, eh! Have a good rest of your day!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Woohoo!! You are doing so good, your even passing me up! haha. {not like it's hard to pass me! haha} Every time I see that salad I get so hungry, it looks good! Keep going girl your doing it:) Oh and I love that necklace, congrats on winning!
    P.S. I also love the doggy pics as you can tell I am a huge dog lover<3

    Way to go Breeanna. Congrats on winning the necklace Lucky Girl!!

  6. super congrats lades, good for you on the weigh in results.

    and beauty of a necklace, you must be loving it total. oh gosh, Lia is lovely...look at her perfect posish. neat and tidy like all us girls try so hard to be ; )

    love this post, happy wednesday. ♥


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