Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thrift Store Treasures

Hey everyone. I lost some of the blogging motivation this week. Things are getting a little stressful at my practicum, and I'm not even getting paid for this stress! I even have two reports I need to work on this weekend as well as my own school work. At least I'm getting a lot of experience out of it, but sometimes its hard to see that silver lining........

Ok, I just needed to vent a little.

I've been so tired on my time off that I haven't been to a thrift store or garage sales in over a month. Soooo I decided to take some time for myself and go thrifting this week. My goal was to find some clothes for me to wear and not focus too much on finding vintage items for my future Etsy store. Here's what I found for under $20.

Vintage apron (I never knew they had an apron section at this thrift store!)

Once I shorten this dress it will look good with leggings, a belt, and a sweater. It has a flower design on it, but it's hard to see in this picture with wrinkles. 

Cute yellow tank top. Got to get ready for summer!

At this particular thrift store, there's always a section with random pieces of wood items. I found this neat game that is from the 1950's. It didn't have a ball with it though. Neat thing about having an iPhone, I looked it up on the internet before I bought it and found the same exact one on sale for $35. This one cost me $1

I bought these two little trays that I will DIY into something pretty for storage around the house.

Well those were my lovely finds this week!

Here's what we are doing around the house today! Nap time!

 This is Lia and Evie is below. My pretty ladies. 

As you can see, the wall behind Evie is dirty from them playing and laying against it. They've been getting really dirty with all this rain we're having. We really need to repaint that wall!


  1. What amazing finds!! Your seriously gonna have one rocking store ;). Sorry about the stress..that blows...hang in there! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. I love all of your thrift finds!! Especially that yellow tank and that ball game. I used to have one of those!! It is so funny how something so simple can be so entertaining! I hope that you are able to find some sort of stress reliever this weekend! That sucks im sorry:(

  3. Such great finds!! love the apron!!

  4. Hey! You'll make it through your practicum before you know it! Time flies... Soon enough, you'll be done! Love your finds! Especially that apron! CUTE CUTE! And your pup are simply adorable! I want to give them a hugsie!

  5. OH I love the sweet little apron!
    And I think you are right about that dress! It would look so cute that way!
    And your dogs look so sweet! I'm really loving your photography too. Wish you lived closer so you could teach me a few things!


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