Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weigh-In, Pumpkin Muffins, & Mini House Tour

Had the day off today so I did some baking and cleaning. These pumpkin muffins turned out delicious!

Lost: 0 pounds

At least I didn't gain any!

My husband I are very lucky in that we get a lot of free furniture from friends and family. The only pieces of furniture we bought in the 4 1/2 years we've been together are two couches. Not only has most of our furniture been free, a lot of it is antiques, score!!

We got this dresser from his parents. They said it was probably made in the 1930's. Look at the awesome vintage paper I found in one of the drawers. I want to make something with it!

This is a dry sink that we got from my husband's grandmother when she passed. I'm not sure how old it is, but they used it before their plumbing.

This is another piece from my husband's grandmother. 

The flag is my husband's grandfathers for his service.

My grandma gave me this piece. It's supposed to a kitchen cabinet, but I put it on my nightstand to give me some extra storage. I love the vintage flowers on it.

We keep things simple at our house. We're not too picky, which is important if you want to have free furniture. Our house does have a country feel to it. Lot's of brown and red. It's not what I pictured my house to look like, but I like it!


  1. Great job! Staying the same is DEFINITELY better than a gain! I love your positive attitude! Those muffins look so delicious! Your house is awesome! I love all of the vintage furniture, especially the dry sink and that little night stand thing. They are such beautiful pieces. I hope your having an awesome week. Thanks for joining WIW I can't wait to see your progress next week:)

  2. gaaaa, those pumpkin muffins look scrump-ness! and love your pretty paper holders. your weigh-in is a success, totally know what you mean about the whew! after realizing the numbers didn't go up. yah!

    super awesome home tour and fab freebies, i love what you did with the sink, so clever. i find homes are an evolving being and you kinda figure it out as you go along. what you've accomplished is stellar. you should be proud, it's great to be surrounded by so many story-filled pieces. ♥

    pea ess: thanks bunches for the bloggy button love lades! you rock.

    thanks for your comments too, how wild you two have been together since '06 too!

  3. Yeah not gaining is good. I have those weeks where I think I didn't loose anything, then I weigh later and i did. Water weight or whatever.
    I had a dresser just like in the first picture growing up. It is still at my moms house. And of course the flag is amazing. thanks for sharing!

  4. Omygosh...I adore your vintage furnishings...and how you placed got gooooood taste! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  5. Yo yo yo up there Lynnster! Hey Breeanna! Sorry..just wanted to do a comment shout out to my fellow blogonaut up there in your comment box...Love her! Those pumpkin muffins look great! Is it a box recipe?? If so, is it Trader Joes Brand? I've always wanted to try them.. They have a pumpkin pancake mix I've been wanting to try forevers. And I love the furniture! How awesome! So many wonderful antiques!!!

  6. Gosh! You have some gorgeous pieces in your home! I want them all!

  7. Your furniture is great! I love all of it!

  8. Those muffins look super yummy!... and I love that dry sink!


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