Monday, February 7, 2011

Melody Monday

This is my second Melody Monday to share wonderful music with you. Your job on Melody Monday is to tell me what music you've been listening to this week. 

Greg Laswell- Your Ghost. He is one of my favorite singers.

Jeff Buckely- Hallelujah

Kate Nash- Mariella

Imogen Heap- The Moment I Said It

Can never go wrong with some Frank!

Frank Sinatra- I've got the world on a string

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  1. I love love love Jeff Buckley! I am so sad he is not around any more :( Also Imogen Heap is my favorite singer, what great music taste you have ;) Have a great day sweet girl!

  2. Oh la la! I want to try to listen to these babies when I get home (I'm at work right now, so all my internet surfing is on mute) But I'll be home soon enough :-) I've been listening to Johnny Cash lately..songs from "My Mother's Hymnbook" I think that's what the album is called! It's super stellar! And I'm interested in getting the chords so I can play them on my guitar..You play piano right?
    Have a guh-rrrrate day!

  3. cute, cute blog!!
    I like it, a lot. :)


  4. I love Kate Nash and Imogen Heap!!! Lately I've been listening to a lot of older stuff...namely Buddy Holly,Johnny Cash,Elvis,and Patsy Cline :)


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