Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

Happy Thursday to you! Which means it's almost Friday, yay! During the week I went to a few thrift stores and wanted to share my finds. I'm really proud of them :)

Cowboy Boots $9, Knitted Top $6

Really nice wool jacket with no sings of wear $25, 3 belts $13 

Kodak Movie Camera + Leather Case $4

3 Frames $6

I'm collecting frames of different sizes to make a collage. These are ones I already spray painted white. I'm not sure if I want them all to be white.

I really love the detail around this frame. 

Now I leave you with a song and a cute video. I love this girl! Here's Do-wah-doo Kate Nash.


  1. wow, great finds! Love those belts. and the boots.

  2. SCORE on the boots! i love the colors of everything!!!

  3. Such a great site. Love your style. Following.

  4. such amazing belts. perfect find.


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